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You Received a Traffic Ticket, now What?

I have been there, the feeling of frustration and anger about the amount of time and financial burden that a ticket can bring you, and I am here to help. I have learned over the last few years that the sooner you take action, the less stress you will have when dealing with a traffic ticket.

1. Let’s Start

Yes, you were doing exactly what the officer cited you for, but I want you to know that even if you were guilty of the citation, it doesn’t always matter. That’s right, it doesn’t matter that you really were going 80mph in a 65mph zone or talking on your phone while driving. How is that possible, you ask? Simply stated, according to the law it is not your burden to prove your innocence. The law states that the officer who cited your violation needs to prove each element of the ticket you were charged with.

Instead of dealing with the headache of a trial and risking an officer showing and being able to testify to each element of the traffic ticket, you can have your Traffic Ticket Attorney get your charges reduced by speaking with the Prosecutor. In many cases if we can show that your driving history is clean, or mostly clean, we will have a good chance of reducing the amount you have to pay and points assessed onto your driving record.

2. What Your Traffic Ticket Attorney Needs to Know to Get Started

  1. On the ticket there will be a description box with the exact charge listed i.e. speeding, red light, driving with a suspended license etc.
  2. The second piece of information is letting the Attorney know which court your ticket is returnable to, which is also located on the ticket. Depending if your ticket was a print out or handwritten, the court name will be located on the lower left hand side or at the bottom on the front page.
  3. Lastly, your driving history, though we will pull your record to verify we would like to have a general idea of your past violations.

With the answers to these three questions, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can and provide you with a strategy on how to reduce the points and fines.

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